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We fix all computers, Laptop or Desktop.

We Build And Repair Servers. System Security And Networking.

As knowledgeable Computer Technicians, we understand all facets of PC operation, including both hardware and software. We have the tools, software, machines and technical expertise to do the job.

Our experience makes the difference.

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This is a review from one of our sastisfed customers

This morning I came into my office at a small nonprofit and lo and behold, my computer wouldn't turn on. NOOOOO!! It worked just fine yesterday...

After some trouble shooting on my own, I started to call around to nearby computer repair places. I got several quotes, but everyone either had a 2-day wait just to have it looked at, or a ridiculously high minimum fee. Then I called Chris & Brothers, and he told me to bring it on in (they also offer pick-up service). Something about Chris's casual phone manner and willingness to take a look right away struck the right chord, and I took a gamble and brought it over.

Then the magic happened. I was in and out in 20 minutes, during which Chris took the computer apart, immediately identified what was wrong, showed me how he would fix it, and did the job in a flash. He charged me $50 cash for the whole shebang, and I was on my way. My computer is now happy & healthy with no data lost, and I am one satisfied customer!

My experience was a strong reminder of why small independent businesses are the way to go for repair jobs. Chris's office is tiny (read: low overhead) and he was friendly, professional, and talked to me like a real person, not just one on a giant list of clients. If you don't need all the frills, I highly recommend him for your computer repair needs!

Corinne N.

Chicago, IL


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