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Computer Virus Removal

As we all use the internet, some people might try to break into your computer using programs called: Virus, Worms, Trojan horses, Spyware, Adware and Ransomware.

 These programs cause your computer to malfunction.

You can easily detect these common problems by reading and answering the questions below:

Do you see a lot of pop-ups showing on your screen?

Do you see some junk and annoying applications running on your screen and bothering you?

Does your computer talking on itself and asking you to call a number displayed on the screen?

Is your computer locked and taking you straight to a fake fbi website where you were asked to pay some money to solve the problem for you?

Is your computer really slow and not working properly?

Did you received a phone call from some fraudulent people claiming to be "Certified Technicians from Microsoft"?

If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, then you need to bring us your computer for Virus Removal and Maintenance before it gets worse. Your computer might have been infected with virus and malicious software. Your data can be compromised and you can become a victim of Id Theft.

At Chris and Brothers PC Repair, we use state of the art tools, knowledge, experience and various virus detection software to clean up your computer of every infection AND INSTALL A NEW VIRUS AND SPYWARE PROTECTION SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER.

We make sure your computer is running normal before you take it home.

You satisfaction is garanteed.

Do not hesitate and call your expert Technicians at (773) 739-0650 anytime or bring your computer to our location in Uptown Chicago at:

4554 N Broadway St, Unit 238, Chicago, IL 60640

You will be glad you did.